Our History

2020-present – Cat vacation homes

Coming soon: information about kitty vacation homes and host families for people who want to board their cats in a private home instead of boarding them in small cages in crowded kennels or instead of having a house-sitter come live in their house while they’re away. The cats will live in a special suite designed especially for kitty comforts in the home of Beth’s best friend, Kari Kells.

2016-2018 – Beth Palmer’s pet sitting business

If you’re looking for Beth Palmer’s pet sitting business, I’m sorry to tell you that Beth died peacefully at home in 2019. She requested that I (her best friend, Kari Kells) share no other details.

“Just Like My Own” was the business name that Beth used when she launched her pet sitting business in 2016. From the moment I heard that name, I loved it! It’s the perfect name for a business that boards cats in private homes. Knowing this, Beth sold her business name to me in 2018 as she was tying up lose ends.