Getting To Know Me visits:

At our initial meeting,  we get to know each other and I meet your animal friends. Working together, we create a special plan to meet their needs. We discuss any questions you have, you show me your usual routines, we complete the necessary paperwork, and you provide your keys. I use a Service Agreement so we can both make sure that we avoid misunderstandings. Be sure to review my policies so that you understand the issues covered by the Service Agreement. The Service Agreement is a legally binding contract that must be signed before we begin working together. It covers future visits and animals you adopt in the future. We can even make email or verbal revisions to it. Contact me to schedule a Getting To Know Me visit.


I ask clients to pay for services at the beginning of each new service period. Payments can be made by cash, check or PayPal.


A few days before scheduled pet care or dog walking, I will call to confirm the dates I will be caring for your pets. This helps prevent any mixups due to errors or schedule changes. If your needs change, just let me know at any time. If you don’t hear from me before a scheduled visit, please contact me.

Once you return home, please let me know. Sometimes there are unexpected delays and I want to make sure your furry friends are covered just in case. If I don’t hear from you, I will attempt to make contact. If I can’t reach you, I will continue to visit your home to make sure your animals are taken care of. These extra visits will be charged at my standard rates.

Miscellaneous charges:

Holiday charges: Additional $10 fee for each holiday day (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day)

Key pickup/dropoff charge if separate trip needed $10


New client discount – 10% off entire charge for your first service

Client referral discount – If you refer a new client who subsequently hires me, you’ll receive a 10% discount on your next service. Thank you for your recommendations!


I prefer to keep copies of keys on file for future visits. Not only is this convenient for you when leaving for a trip, it can also help in an emergency. If you are locked out or have a medical emergency, I have a copy of your key. I am happy to help out in a crisis.

I store keys in a secured key cabinet in my home. I keep this cabinet hidden and locked. Keys are stored and labeled so that no one can associate the key with you or your address.

I will not lock keys in your home after a final visit. If your return is unexpectedly delayed, I need to continue taking care of your pets until your return.

If you choose not to leave a key with me, there are other alternatives. I can pick up and drop off the key before/after each service period. If this requires a special trip, I charge a small fee. Another option is to mail me a key or use a key safe at your home.


I never share any personal information about you or your pets unless it is necessary for their care. I will never post your comments or pictures of your animals without your express permission. I value privacy and promise to protect yours.