This is a list of resources that people may find useful:

Animal CommunicatorLisa Holm

Lisa uses her telepathic abilities to connect with our animal friends. She can help with physical, emotional and behavioral problems. If we can understand why our animals are behaving the way they do, we can better meet their needs and help them to adapt to their circumstances. I’ve personally worked with Lisa to help my animals with moving households, life transitions and medical issues.


Flower EssencesLin Gregerson at Sterling Naturals (

We all want to live happy, healthy and peaceful lives.  Flower essences are powerhouses at alleviating stress and fear, eliminating uncomfortable emotions and helping bodies to achieve a healthful balance. Lin has completed years of study with some of the world’s most respected essence producers and practitioners.  She works closely with you to produce blends that are effective in bringing balance to the emotions of you and your pets. Lin has helped me with essences for my own animals and for animals I care for.


Letting GoIs It Time To Say Goodbye

Is It Time To Say Goodbye? A Guide to Considering a Difficult Decision for Your Pet is an online publication that can help you to make decisions for your animal friends who are suffering. Written by Timothy J. O’Brien, this publication can help you to think through your decision and deal with the grief you experience over the loss of a pet.


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